Samantha Colwell

has a BA in Literature from CSULB and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from SJSU. Born and raised in California, she moved to North Carolina in 2015 to work as a Youth Services Librarian and meet weird people she terms “lifelong friends.” She writes for Hello Yellow Room as a way to commune with her unhealthy obsessions, all of which will be listed here:

  • the color yellow
  • succulents, which remind her of California
  • Starbucks, which reminds her of California
  • really good Mexican food, which reminds her of California
  • sprawling urban decay
  • the smell of grapefruit, but not the taste of grapefruit
  • reading, writing, editing, and devouring literature
  • pretty fish
  • cooking things in the morning while listening to shoegaze sad girl music
  • and children’s education

Where to find Miss Hello Yellow: InstagramFacebook, & Goodreads. 

Savvy Harn

…is currently employed in technical services with the Randolph County Public Library System.

She graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude from Greensboro College with a major in English and a minor in Creative Writing. She was inducted into the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta in 2016. She was a contributor and senior editor of the award winning student run newspaper The Collegian, and the award winning student run literary magazine, The Lyre.

Unhealthy obsessions:

  • The color burgundy – but not an orange burgundy, more of a wine / purple / blue burgundy
  • Bumble Bees – stemming from her nickname as a child – Savvy Bee
  • Foxes – which has always been her favorite animal
  • Making lists and bullet journaling
  • Painting with watercolor, oils, and chalks as well as editing photographs that she takes
  • Linguistics and accents – especially Russian and Irish
  • Welsh Celtic and Irish influences – which is her heritage
  • Black cats, Halloween, Horror Movies – well-made or otherwise – and the number 13
  • Sunflowers and her mom
  • The way cream moves like clouds in coffee

Where to find Miss Hello Fox:

Instagram: SavvyBeeBowen
GoodReads Username: MissHelloFox
Twitter: MissHelloFox