Brief, Horrible Moments (A collection of one sentence horror stories) By Marko Pandza

“There are some books that just speak to me, but what they tell me to do terrifies me.”

Right off the bat, this cover is intriguing to anyone with a twisted sense of adventure. I found myself laughing in horror and twisting in my seat with discomfort at these nightmares in short. Several, I believe, even have the potential of becoming bigger stories.

“Like most humans, I couldn’t remember much from the day I was born, except for emerging from the dirt.”

While some of these were easy to glaze over and forget, others made up for it in their gruesome, disgusting descriptions straight from the minds of true horror geniuses.

“I hadn’t the slightest clue what substance the spewing beast had covered me with, but I was sure that the wet, bubbling pile at my feet was my skin.”

Other shorts had me laughing with pure uneasiness and shock.

“The smiling clown looked into my eyes, clutched my broken, twisted body and whispered: ‘I’m going to make you a balloon animal.’”

It seems like Pandza wanted to continue on with some of the stories but had to stick to his one sentence rule of the book. (Run-on sentences are inevitable apparently.)Many of these stories sound like the starting brainstorm for future books. Some of the first person narratives sound perfect as a horror story told from the point of view of the killer himself. Others seem like Pandza wanted to continue but had to stick to his one sentence rule of the book. (Run-on sentences are inevitable apparently.)

“’If we want to survive these woods, we have to stay together,’ I shouted at my panicked friends, relieved when they agreed since it would be much easier than picking them off separately.”

While some stories seem repetitive, predictable, and overdone I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m not quite sure what that says about me as a person, however. Even though I sat in a well-lit room in the middle of the day surrounded by other people in my office, I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of anxiety and creepiness crawling up my spine as I read.

Pandza touches on every human fear known to man with chapters like “Monsters, demons, creatures and oddities,” “Murder, death and the dead,” “Food and eating,” “Doctors, health and hospitals,” and worst of all… “The human body.”

With Marko Pandza’s other book Limbo now available, I cannot wait to read it and see what humorous spin he might put on his full-length work. While most of these one sentence horror stories are the stuff of legends, some carry a humorous tone that translates to that of a Scream movie; but the parts where Jamie Kennedy’s character explains all the ways that surviving a horror movie can go wrong. Each short narrative is intricately detailed in gruesome and beautiful ways. I can only imagine his full-length novel is one in the same but better.

Can’t get enough Pandza?

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