IDK Query: Is there a Pepsi company in Tokyo?

Q. Is there a Pepsi company in Tokyo, Japan?

This query comes from a collector of world-wide Pepsi products. When asked if he also collects Coca Cola memorabilia, he was quick to say “No freaking way. They’re nothing alike.”

A. Yes, yes there is.

PepsiCo is an international brand, capitalizing on (almost) every continent. Japan’s PepsiCo is located in Tokyo. According to Wikipedia,

PepsiCo products are a mix of beverages and snacks,  including: Pepsi, Mountain DewLay’sGatoradeTropicana7 UpDoritosLipton Teas, Brisk, Quaker Oats, CheetosMirindaRufflesAquafina, Naked, Kevita, Propel, Sobe, H2oh, Sabra, Starbucks (ready to Drink Beverages),  TostitosMist TwstFritos, and Walkers.

In Japan, the taste-makers have some free reign over Pepsi flavors. They’ve gone so far as making ginger Pepsi, spicy bean Pepsi, and ice cucumber Pepsi? Check out this article from Kotaku detailing the various flavors in which Japanese consumers are taking their colas and energy shots. It’s wild.

Click here to see Japan’s PepsiCo lineup. Their slogans translated through Google translate are pretty spectacular. My favorite? “It is a cola that you can enjoy ‘stimulation’ by strong carbonate × strong caffeine, which is a feature of the strong brand.”

Pepsi Strong.

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