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IDK Query: Is there a Pepsi company in Tokyo?

Q. Is there a Pepsi company in Tokyo, Japan? This query comes from a collector of world-wide Pepsi products. When asked if he also collects Coca Cola memorabilia, he was quick to say “No freaking […]

Australia Story Time

Travel Series Story Time I’d like to think the best part about being a children’s librarian is the level of rock star fame you achieve with three year olds—it does wonders for the ego—but really, […]

IDK Query: Why are my houseplants dying?

Q. Why are my houseplants dying?   This query comes from a young woman looking for books on houseplant healthcare. Probing further, we found out her spider plants (a weird, scary name for a type […]

The Fourth Wall & Story Time

There’s nothing more satisfying in art and culture than breaking the fourth wall. The fourth wall, to any non-theater-nerds, is the invisible barrier that shields the characters in a performance from the gaze of the audience. […]

Process Art

Story Time & Process Art Today we’re going to talk a little about this Process Art movement that’s pretty popular right now. It’s just another example of taking something parents and caregivers already do with […]