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    Thornhill by Pam Smy

    Feels Like: Stephen King’s Carrie character was sent to boarding school and is still getting bullied. Step into the world, past and present, of Thornhill Institute. Told in letters from an orphan, Mary, living at Thornhill in the 80’s and…

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    Australia Story Time

    Travel Series Story Time I’d like to think the best part about being a children’s librarian is the level of rock star fame you achieve with three year olds—it does wonders for the ego—but really, the best part is witnessing…

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    Voting Storytime

    Story Time & Political Science I’d rather not dwell on the disaster that is the American political system and the appalling drag of our current electorate, so I have to channel my rage, disgust, and fear into something productive. I…

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    Story Time & Earth Science The three branches of science are: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. Life Science is probably the one kids will be most familiar with when they’re heading toward junior high, the studies of living…

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    We Love Bugs

    Story Time & Phobias: Okay, we don't really love bugs, but they're interesting creatures sharing the planet with us. Children are born mostly without judgment about creepy crawlies, until mom and dad scream in horror at a giant hairy spider.