Advocating for your library is a pretty rad thing to do.

There are a ton of ways to support your local library.

  1. Go there. Check out the schedule and see if there’s a free class being offered that would interest you and your friends. Check out a book or two. Meet your mommy friends for coffee in the kids room and let your children run wild. Frequent a Story Time. Rent a DVD and tell your Facebook friends you’re watching a new blockbuster you rented from your local library. Generally exist there.
  2. Promote the library through discussion on Social Media. Follow your local library and like their posts. Reblog their schedules and event calendars. Pass on the knowledge.
  3. Make some noise. Join Libraries Transform. Call your local representatives and let them know how you use your local library. Educate yourself on what libraries do so that you can spread the word. When people say something dumb like “Aren’t books going extinct because of the internet?” tell them, “Libraries are more than just books. Also, books are forever.”

“The truth is libraries are raucous clubhouses for free speech, controversy and community.” –Paula Poundstone


The Librarians @ Hello Yellow