Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld

Reading the Spill Zone graphic novel by Scott Westerfeld, author of Uglies and Pretties, is like reading the storyboard for the next great YA movie and this was just the trailer.

Westerfeld takes us to a New York suburb that has suffered a disaster much like Fukushima or Chernobyl but on a much smaller scale.

“Nobody’s ever really explained the Spill. Was it an angelic visitation? A nanotech accident? A porthole opening from another world? Whatever it was, no one’s allowed in the Spill Zone these days except government scientists and hazmat teams. “

But would that stop a young rebellious teen in today’s day and age? Absolutely not. Especially not when you are suddenly thrust into the role of parent for your kid sister.

Sudden orphans, Addison and Lexa (a mute after being in “the zone” during the incident) must find a way to survive as two of the last remaining residents of the land just outside their once bustling hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York.

“Few intrepid explorers know how to sneak through the patrols and steer clear of the dangers inside the Zone. Addison Merrick is one such explorer, dedicated to finding out what happened that night and to unraveling the events that took her parents and left her little sister mute and disconnected from the world.”

Addison is a photographer who ventures into the Zone taking illegal photos of what remains in order to make money so her and her sister, Lexa, can live a somewhat normal life. That is, until a mysterious art dealer enters the picture and offers Addison one million dollars to break all of the rules of the Zone and retrieve something from deep within the hospital; the same hospital where her parents were last seen the night of the spill.

Battling her own demons as well as cats who whisper familiar words, flattened zones, and a demonic wolf straight out of a Little Red Riding Hood horror story, Addison must step up and protect her sister at whatever cost.

Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld is a nail biting adventure in post disaster danger, parenting, and self-discovery. Get your copy now and look for reviews on The Broken Vow (Spill Zone #2) and Spill Night (Spill Zone #0.5) coming soon!

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