The Mermaid’s Voice Returns In This One by Amanda Lovelace

It was expected to blow her previous collection out of the water…

**Disclaimer: I wrote the majority of this review before I had completely finished the book. After finishing and reflecting on quite a few things I decided that my opinion had changed. Rather than rewrite what had already been spit into the universe I decided to make an example of myself. You will see things struck from my previous review and replaced where I thought about what I said and reconsidered. Just know that we are all still learning to love and we all love in different ways. I still recommend picking up this book and giving it a chance. It’s worth it. I hope you enjoy.**
– Miss Hello Fox

Ladies and gentlemen, the misses have been highly anticipating this new book of poetry from feminist Amanda Lovelace for quite some time now. It was expected to blow Lovelace’s previous collection – pardon the phrase – out of the water. Lovelace even teamed up with other poets to help really give this piece a voice of its own.

Alas, all puns aside, here I sit…
disappointed and heartbroken
for many different reasons.

This collection was supposed to be a feminist poetry sensation but all I found in the pages was a lack of empowerment and support, which is what her previous title, The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One, is known for. I tore these pages to pieces looking for the inspiration that I found in her previous book, but none was found. Instead I found myself swimming in deep dark waters alongside our poets, visiting places we had walled off long ago.

I thought Lovelace had finally found her voice...

After reading Lovelace’s first and second book in the Women Are Some Kind Of Magic Collection, 
I was hoping that she had finally found her voice aiding in the feminist movement and empowering women to be who they were meant to be and to live up to their full potential.

In her newest collection I just couldn’t find the same spark that really lit her second book up. There were a few poems here and there that were nice and few that were even very, very lovely but I cannot say that I loved this book nearly as much as I did the previous.

Amanda Lovelace’s red hot passion came across more as teen angst after a bad break up something I wasn’t expecting her to reveal this time around. I really don’t want to sit here and discourage or tear down Lovelace’s work any more because she does do a lot to help different people suffering through things I cannot even fathom.

So I’ll leave this review at… I was expecting more fire and empowerment towards the feminist movement with this novel but felt like I got just another Instapoet.

This collection was not what I was expecting but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful and moving just the same in other ways or to someone else.
That being said… I’d like to leave you with this letter from Amanda Lovelace herself to her dear readers, mermaid, witches, princesses, and queens.
May we all think on it.

What we want from people is not always what they are able to give us. And that’s perfectly fine. We love them still.

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