Quiet Girl in a Noisy World (An Introvert’s Story) by Debbie Tung

I found this book by accident. It was put on the wrong cart in our library and I picked it up wondering why a book that looked like a graphic novel was being categorized as non-fiction.  Turns out this is how a lot of our graphic novels are filed and little mini-bio from Debbie Tung could really open a lot of doors for kids and young adults if it was displayed in just the right way.

Debbie Tung takes us on quite the relatable journey through her experience of finding out just what it really means to be an introverted person. Introversion is one of the major personality traits identified in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to be inward turning, or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation.

There are a lot of people that think of themselves as introverts but sometimes it goes much deeper and can really effect someone’s mental state and how they feel about themselves and others. We really need to educate ourselves on this subject in order to help friends and family as well as to better understand an entire group of people who we see every single day!

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert and Tung’s book is all about how she learns to accept it and work with her personality instead of against it. There are so many kids that could benefit from reading this book and realizing that the way they are is nothing to be ashamed of. Some people just need a little more time to themselves than others.

Being an introvert means it might be harder for these kids to talk to someone about the way they are feeling. This book can really change that. Tung really puts a normality to being an introvert making it less of a negative and putting more of a positive self-image spin on the whole situation. Debbie Tung also helps us to really understand maybe how someone we know personally is really feeling when they say they just don’t feel like going out.

It’s such a cute, and more importantly, a necessary read and really made me laugh a few times. Also I’m sure I said, “OMG Meeeeee…” a few too many times.

That’s why I think this book really should be put in front of more young people. If they feel this way and they see this book they might be able to identify their feelings, pin point their symptoms, and realize not only that they are not alone but also that they can learn to help themselves and love themselves the way they are and the way that Debbie Tung does.

Let’s reverse the stigmatism related to being an introvert and really start to understand just how different everyone really is. Ask your local library where you might find this book and what they are doing to help children and young adults find materials that can really help them relate to their world more in the long run!

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