I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson


Feels like: Getting to know that popular kid at school

Shane Dawson is YouTube famous for his crazy, out of control videos and wild ideas. From conspiracy theories to waffle ironing a Barbie doll just because, Shane Dawson is anything but bad content and horrible ideas. Well, maybe not that last one. Shane, your obsession with the blowtorch and microwaving pop tart paper is scary.

But in his first book, I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays, Dawson gets deep and personal all while letting his true comedic style slip through. I have to admit that I laughed and cried while listening to him talk about his dear grandmother’s passing. He covers meeting fans, borrowing his mother’s swimsuit and first relationships as well as where his obsession with horror comes from and his addiction to YouTube. All of these carry his personality as well as his previously held emotions on all the sensitive topics and his twisted sense of humor.

Might I add that the audiobook is the only way to go when acquiring his books? Hearing his experiences in his own voice just makes it all the more satisfying – like diet A&W – as well as being a real treat for his fans. It’s hard to believe Dawson didn’t make some of this stuff up.

I have to admit that I have recently become obsessed with Shane Dawson and I think I’ve spent two whole weekends binging his videos. Recently his videos have focused on future parenthood with his partner Ryland who also has a YouTube channel; which I have also stalked… I mean binge-watched.

Dawson’s videos take a specific sense of humor but he doesn’t shy away from being real with his fans. He’s humble, relatable, hilarious, and honestly seems like a down to earth kind of guy who hasn’t let his YouTube fame get to his head just yet. He even dedicates a section in this book to his fans and talks about spending 8 hours meeting fans at Vidcon which is where online video personalities come together annually in Southern California; it’s similar to Comicon.

This book is a light-hearted look at a wild YouTuber’s life and how he’s just like everyone else, but a little more eccentric. It’s a wonderful weekend read or summertime beach read, as long as you’re wearing a moomoo over your mother’s swimsuit. Shane Dawson’s second book, It Gets Worse, is not available in audiobook format just yet, but best believe that I, as well as his more than 13 million fans are awaiting that day eagerly. Until then you can satisfy your conspiracy theory voice, fast food hacks, and taste tripping pills craving by getting the print version.

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You can check out Shane’s hundreds of videos, movies, and short stories by checking out his YouTube channel of course!

Also, grab his book and merch at his Amazon store! 

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