There Is Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Feels like: Scream with more romance

Sounds like: “Saltwater” by Geowulf Listen Here / 2018 HELLO YELLOW REVIEWS Playlist

Future fans of Stephen King will find their home in There Is Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. This quick read thriller gains speed with every flip of the page. Just when you think everyone is safe, Perkins makes you question your own sanity. This book will leave you wondering if there is someone inside your house…

This YA thriller follows high school senior Makani Young into her new life in Osborne, Nebraska. But the ghost of her past in Hawaii just won’t leave her alone. While trying to lead a normal life one of her classmates is murdered and Makani begins to suspect that she might be next. Rumors spread in this small Nebraska town and Makani becomes worried that someone will find out her past.

As the killer gets closer and closer to Makani she begins to fear that she is losing her mind. From finding cabinet doors open to misplacing her phone, Makani slowly realizes that no one is safe from the Osborne Slayer.

The ending of this book will have you wrapped with terror and ripping through every page. How many victims will the Osborne Slayer end up with? Why is his down time between murders so short and what is the connection between his victims?

Unfortunately, for me at least, the last pages of the book leave something to be desired (which is why this book is 3/5 stars from me). (Spoiler) It seems to just end with the only resolution being that the Osborne Slayer is dead. The explanation of his crimes and why he did it seems fuzzy and confusing.  Also in the final struggle several people are injured and it is unclear if some of them are alive or dead when all is said and done. I loved this book and it was a quick read but I definitely had questions at the end.

Makani and Ollie’s connection is touching and when they finally open up and share their pasts with each other, there’s no denying that they understand what the other is going through. Guilt, pain, secrets, and loneliness haunt them both until they find each other.

Ollie takes Makani to his own little ocean off the beaten path, trying to give her a small piece of home. Despite Makani missing her ocean she finds a love just as deep in Ollie.

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