His Girl Fridays: Oven Fresh

His Girl Fridays: Oven Fresh

It’s been a great week for baking, and a terrible week for the earth. Do these things balance? Probably not, but my oven is at least not going to set the world on fire like our President.

Our local supermarket was having a sale on spices and I snagged a bunch of premium matcha & ginger powder without any idea what I would use it for: it was a dollar marked down from ten, I couldn’t resist. I found this great recipe for green tea matcha cookies that turned out amazing: slightly sweet, soft, chewy, and I used wheat flour to make them gluten free. The wheat flour also congealed in the sink and clogged the pipes for three days, but that’s another story. New favorite cookie, and so, so pretty.

Speaking of pretty: the things animals do to get some is astounding. Particularly these pufferfish who have some gorgeous and intricate sex rituals. It’s actually really beautiful and not gross at all, unlike humans.

Did you want more pretty things from this week? Here’s Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium: A forgotten treasure at the intersection of science and poetry. The whole Brain Pickings article is beautifully written, with captures of Dickinson’s flower pickings: prismatic, colorful, with her signature scrawl describing her horticulture.

I hope some of these aesthetically appealing things makes the impending apocalypse that much more bittersweet.


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